updated 23 / 08 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Health Care Shows Favorable Indicators

The infant mortality rate of 1,9 per 1,000 live births in the first semester of the year, stands out from the rest of the Public Health indicators in Pinar del Río.

The non-existence of maternal deaths so far this year and a low birth weight below four, speak in favour of the efforts made by doctors and specialists in the territory. According to Ariel Godoy del Llano, deputy director of Health in the province for the medical assistance area, along with the stability in the Mother-Child Program it is worth highlighting the 58 770 surgical operations performed in 2016, supported by voluntary blood donations.

Godoy del Llano added that since 2014, Pinar del Río has not registered cholera cases and since April 2016 has not reported arboviral transmissions, thanks to the work of the Party, the Government, the Hygiene and Epidemiology Center and the reserve members of the Revolutionary Armed Forces, who endorse the intensive phase of the anti-vector campaign.

Another result of impact is the community projection of the services through the presence, every 15 days, of some 20 medical specialties in the 19 clinics of the territory.

The official insisted on the preparation of the 4 577 doctors and 5 635 nurses available in Pinar del Rio and noted that they stand out for their sense of duty and commitment in order to provide the patients with a better quality of life. In rural areas, the people have access to 24 emergency services, which are reinforced with clinical laboratories, reanimation equipments, and observation wards, among other aspects with a positive repercussion in people. Moreover, as a sample of the spirit of solidarity passed on by leader Fidel Castro, 3 106 collaborators work in 43 countries, mostly in Venezuela and Brazil.

Before the triumph of the Cuban Revolution on January 1st, 1959, the live expectancy of the people of Pinar del Rio was 53 years and today is 79, mostly due to the advances of Public Health at all levels with a marked humane vocation.

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