updated 20 / 02 / 2020

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Commercial Sector Steps up

A city is a language. The extraverbal aspect lies in the buildings, the streets or spaces in general. Pinar del Río speaks with its offers to eat, consume or recreate.

For all that, efficiency in the services is valuable. Commerce is the last step of production and faces the people, for that reason, the mood of the villagers and the collective quality of life depend on the image of the commerce facilities. In that regard, the Entrepreneurial Group of Commerce in the province advances from a project to the other, moves forward from the old to the colourful...To renovate 61 entities is the goal of the company in this new phase, both in the municipalities and the capital city, which is celebrating 150 years the upcoming September.

In an interview with Manuel Collera Medina, director of the institution, was ratified that the Group won the first place in the national emulation of the Ministry of Domestic Trade, thanks to the results of 2016.

“We fulfilled the economic indicators and overcame the plan for commercial flow, along with all the enterprises of the sector”, said the official.

So far this year, the figures favour the sector. By the end of May the total sales ended at 106, 3 percent. In these results, some entities had more influence than others given the possibilities of the sectors and the expansion of the leasing businesses.

The Services Company rebuilds and repairs over 25 facilities, those run by the state and the ones included in the new models of economic management: leasing and non-agricultural cooperatives. Many of them have a high economic value; others are heritage of the city. Some of them require a full repair and the rest will be ready with maintenance and decoration.

Dressing parlors, ateliers, dry cleaners as well as cafeterias, flower shops and many other facilities have been opened and restored.

“Te Commerce Company of Pinar del Rio has repaired almost all the markets of the city and there is a program to include grocery stores, which would take a little bit longer since there are some 1 600 units in the province”.

“The rest of the municipalities have worked in the repair of various hotels, stores, recreation centers and other facilities that will be concluded for the summer”.

The Group is also immersed in social programs such as the assistance to pregnant women, student’s snacks, ill people and those without family support.

Commerce in Pinar del Rio widens and changes. The province understands that the good service, the quality of the products and the image of the entities are indispensable ingredients in the daily life of the locals.

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Anelys Alberto Peña

Anelys Alberto Peña

Licenciada en Periodismo en la Universidad de Pinar del Río Hermanos Saíz Montes de Oca

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