updated 24 / 08 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Need for Water Conservation in Pinar del Río

Guamá dam in Pinar del Río / Photo: Rafael Fernández Rosell

The reservoirs of Pinar del Rio are at 49 percent of its full capacity, and the rains of the past few days are exiguous for their recovery, hence the call for a major alert in water saving.

In statements to the Cuban News Agency, Eva Julia Caraballo Rodríguez, director of Hydraulic Resources in the province, insisted on the necessity of preserving the vital liquid through a group of actions, mostly aimed at the reduction of pipe leaks. Although the dams that guarantee the water supply to the population store 61 % of their volume, 11 sources are affected by the persistent droughts in this part of the Cuban west.

Caraballo Rodríguez added that in the case of the dams dedicated to the rice industry are kept at 45 percent; while the Nombre de Dios reservoir, which ensures the water for Castellanos Mining Project- the most important mining investment of the island - shows only two million cubic meters (17 % of its total).

We cannot rely of the recent rains, because in order to have enough volumes in the dams and subterranean basins, we need heavy rains that allow water infiltration, saturation and later runoff, the official noted.

Alfredo Victorero Hernández, specialist of the Provincial Meteorology Center, said that the province has registered scattered rains, for which the drought continues, also due to the magnitude of its long damage so far.
For example, in La Palma municipality a few days ago were registered 129 millimetres in 24 hours, after seven months without rain.

He also explained that according to the evolution of the weather variation factors and the forecast models it is expected a May-July period with totals near to standard values; while for the August-October trimester the figures would be under the standards.

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