updated 20 / 08 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Charcoal Exports Boosted in Pinar del Río

The Agroindustrial Grain Company in Los Palacios commercializes charcoal under the brand Maracubá / Photo: Ricardo Rodríguez González / Radio Guamá

The Agroindustrial Grain Company (EAIG) in Los Palacios, mainly dedicated to rice production is also making marabou charcoal to export.

Under the brand Maracubá, the charcoal is being commercialized in Spain, Germany and Saudi Arabia.
This year they expect to send 640 tons into the international market as the main entrance of foreign currency to the country, said de Dorángeles Ipsán Pedrera, specialist of the company.

Ipsán Pedrera added that until April they have sold 160 tons, a higher figure than the plan for the first four months of the year; likewise they have three containers ready to embark.
The attention to the charcoal producers is a main element in the center, hence they have set a wage system by results and with individual and collective bonus, noted the specialist.

Also, in the Forest Company of La Palma municipality, located at the northern part of the province, there are men dedicated to the task and are boosting the levels of that exportable item.

They expect to produce 541 tons in 2017, which are 100 over the amount achieved last year.

In traditional ovens they perform combustion labors of several species such as the encino oak and other white trees of Pinar del Río.

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