updated 23 / 08 / 2019

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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Good Tobacco Harvest by the End of the Season

Pinar del Río, Cuba’s westernmost province and major producer of tobacco in the Island, reports a good harvest season despite the droughts that have affected the territory.

This time, local growers have planted over 18 000 hectares and so far they have more than 29 million poles of strung leaves.

However, the lack of rain had negative effects in some municipalities such as Guane, Mantua, Minas de Matahambre, Los Palacios, Viñales and Consolación del Sur.

Virginio Morales Novo, in charge of the sector shared their optimism with the accomplishment of the economy plan and said that in the already harvested areas they are planting corn, as part of a rotation strategy that favors the land.

In addition, he stressed that the soils are undergone to an improvement program through which organic material and calcium carbonate, as well as other ingredients are applied in order to obtain higher yields.

At the same time they are immersed in the construction of curing barns and the repair and maintenance of old ones.

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