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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Punta Colorada, the Road to the Future

To promote something that doesn’t exist and turn it into a tourist destination is very difficult and that is the current purpose of Punta Colorada S.A. venture, in order to execute a recreational complex in the westernmost part of the province of Pinar del Rio.

Provincial Assembly of People's Power Constituted

“I declare the Provincial Assembly of People’s Power of Pinar del Rio constituted for its 12th term”, said Jorge Jesús Cirión Martínez, president of the electoral commission of the territory after presenting each one of the delegates and verifying their certificates.

Cycling in Vueltabajo, a Homage to Local Protagonists

The book Ciclismo en Vueltabajo (Cycling in Vueltabajo), written by José Antonio Serantes Díaz, correspondent of Radio Reloj in Pinar del Rio, is a homage to athletes, coaches and promoters of the sport, and also the first text on the subject published in the province.

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Flower Shop with Attractive Proposals in Pinar del Río

When Olga Lidia Roque Corrales decided to lease a space in the main street of the city, she did not imagine that her flower shop Detalles con amor (Details with love) would be among the favorite spots of the locals, who longed for places like this.

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Candidates to Parliament Mark Genuine Cuban Electoral System

The candidates to provincial delegates and deputies to the national Assembly of People’s Power nominated in Pinar del Río are proof of our genuine electoral system by gathering people of different sectors of the society.

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