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Estado del tiempo en Pinar del Río

Guerrillero Cocktail

We thank the initiative of Giscly Santiago Jaime, President of the Bartenders Association of Pinar del Rio, who created the Guerrillero cocktail, and is a special gift for Saint Valentine’s Day.

Productive Poles for More Food in the Province

To increase the presence of food in markets and stores, is a priority in Pinar del Rio based on the fostering of productive poles, sites distributed all over the province with high expectations for the development of agriculture.

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Colorful Parade as Homage to Jose Marti

Marti said that "The path to the stars is not plain", and he knew how to climb to the top of the hearts with devotion to the Homeland and dedication to show human beings the importance personal and social growth. Today, the people of Pinar del Rio flooded the streets with the amulet of the ideals and his image continues to make history.

Number of Foreign Visitors Increases in Pinar del Rio

Captivated by the beauty of its landscape, nearly 100 000 foreign visitors visited Pinar del Rio in 2016, a record figure for Cuba’s westernmost province.
The singularity of the sceneries, some of them exclusive such as the hillocks of Viñales, turned out to be convincing reasons for European visitors to visit.

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Mother-Child Attention Program Advances

With the report so far of five municipalities with an infant and mother mortality rate of zero, Pinar del Rio ratifies their results in the Mother-Child Attention Program, with favourable indicators in the last few years.

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