This kind summer that gives more heat than ever, might be good for the Europeans that search for a tan skin in Varadero, but in Pinar del Rio, what we need is to refresh ourselves, both body and mind. So, our goal is, since we cannot get you a five star hotel reservation, to at least put your mind at ease, even if you are in Denmark and assume there is a cool weather.

We won't tackle alien problems, but those close to the local life, what people think, but don't say, since everywhere people tell their opinions to themselves.

We are willing to write about several topics this summer and if you have a suggestion we will take it into account, but please avoid political hogwash, because if one starts talking about the quality of the goat cheese there is someone to ask if the goat is from the left or the right wing.

We would like to dedicate this time today to incompetence and incompetents: those mentally limited fellows that without being ill, generate negative ideas, some people call them "unineuronals", but I don't think they have an exclusive neuron, they have an error sensor.

The incompetent category includes everyone; those who have been doing some labor for 30 years and still know nothing about it, because are just like the mail mule, after 30 years delivering letters never learned to read.

The worst is that they think they are stars and live to harm the rest, that's because some dictionaries put the example of mediocre, but didn't quote their names.

We have those with important posts and no one knows how they got there...but they did. Then, with all the optimism of the world let's celebrate and applaud...They made it, they made it!

They are all over neighbourhoods, houses, establishments; someone willing to bother the others multiply them in the society, as if they were bread or fish.

There is nothing more pathetic than an incompetent, trying to prove how good they are, and then people get surprised and they think that the big eyes are synonym of dazzle. In that case, it would be necessary to clarify the difference between astonished and terrified.

Perhaps, someone who is not Cuban (and especially from Pinar del Rio) does not understand what we say, and nothing has to do with the famous concrete mixer that builders from other province left inside a local movie theatre, but they were so embarrassed to retrieve it that history recorded the event as a landmark of the westernmost province of Cuba.

I promise some more topics such as Murphy's Law, that of course, as he was not Cuban, everything was impossible for him.

I think it's enough for today.

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Ramón Brizuela Roque

Ramón Brizuela Roque

Licenciado en Periodismo Universidad de La Habana 1977. Premio Provincial por la Obra de la vida, 2013.Fue redactor reportero en Juventud Rebelde y Trabajadores; colaborador asiduo en Radio Guamá y TelePinar.

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