updated 14 / 10 / 2019

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No Greater Right than Health

is with the human rights' speech that the United States intends to crash other peoples and rises as a paladin, when in fact they are the first to violate them. No right is more important than health, since without it one cannot work, produce and make politics. Cubans enjoy the right of health since the very moment the revolutionary process led by Fidel Castro triumphed, and now it is continued by Raul, no other Latin American country has so much history about it to tell. The Cuban health care system not only heals the ill, it also prevents people from getting sick and on top of that do the same in sister nations. It is known that health care services in Cuba are free of charge, and indeed they are, but that efforts are very expensive to the Cuban state since most of the resources are imported, and due to the American blockade, they have to be brought from farther places. Cuba has trained youths from other countries to become doctors, sends collaborators to different regions no matter the risks and never abandons its owns, so that is the best right to the citizens. Human rights should preserve first and foremost the right to life and health, without it, any other right has value at all.
This December 10th will not be overlooked, as every year, all Cubans mark the date and will remind the UN that beyond the speech, they do enjoy of the main rights.

About the Author

Ramón Brizuela Roque

Ramón Brizuela Roque

Licenciado en Periodismo Universidad de La Habana 1977. Premio Provincial por la Obra de la vida, 2013.Fue redactor reportero en Juventud Rebelde y Trabajadores; colaborador asiduo en Radio Guamá y TelePinar.

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