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Many people are gladly talking about the first news of the program of actions designed by the Provincial Administration Council (CAP) aimed at the 150 anniversary of the city, but the surprising thing is that the majority expect for others to do the miracle.

This space where we live in and whose beauty and hygiene is questioned everyday, has received several repair works lately and despite the quality of the execution, its endurance is ephemeral, since the best way to have is to care.

It has not been about big investment projects, but about gathering willpower and strengthening the resources available for the same purpose, that's the strategy to follow.

It is true that several facilities in the main streets need financing and constructive actions, but the most significant change must be performed by the inhabitants, the streets will not only be free of dirt if they are more frequently cleaned, it is necessary to get them less dirty.

If children see adults sitting on the back of a park bench, they will assume it as a daily behavior.

The same happens with the feet on the walls or the writings, the little care of the lawn or common spaces in family buildings, neighborhoods and streets.

Another bad habit is to take out pets to defecate and urinate in the sidewalks, which implies a risk for people's health and contaminates the city.

The way to behave in public spaces also contributes to the image, if we yell to talk, do not respect other people's rights, contaminate the milieu with car horns and create public disorder.

Despite the efforts of the entities involved in revitalizing the city, we, the population must contribute to improve our environment, forget about passive criticism and assume individual responsibility.

Every citizen is a viable investor, it is enough with not damaging or breaking.

The society is the sum of individuals and as much as the city gets restored, if we don't behave properly, if we don't defend it, it will always look as a place begging for care.

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Yolanda Molina Pérez

Yolanda Molina Pérez

Licenciada en Periodismo de la Universidad de Oriente.

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