updated 16 / 07 / 2019

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Cardiology Congress Concludes in Cuba

Cardiology Congress Concludes in Cuba

The 30th Central American and Caribbean Congress of Cardiology is concluding here today after four days of exchange of experiences and updating of knowledge related to cardiovascular health.

The last session of the meeting, which was held in parallel with the 9th Cuban Congress of Cardiology, includes the debate on prevention and rehabilitation of the main organ of the circulatory system, and other matters.

The meeting of the International Academy of Cardiovascular Sciences will also conclude, and a discussion with experts about cardiovascular diseases (CVD) in pregnancy will take place.

Other issues on the table before closing the conclave, chaired by Eduardo Rivas, leader of the Cuban Society of Cardiology, will be: Present and future of echocardiography, Cuban prospective study on CVD, Valvular ailments, as well as hypertension, diabetes, nephropathy and heart.

As a relevant aspect, the Cuban Chapter of the American College of Cardiology (ACC), which will be led by Dr. Rivas, was officially established yesterday.

According to ACC president, Michael Valentine, the institution has the mission of transforming cardiovascular care and contributing to improve heart health.

The Organization offers accreditation to hospitals and institutions, provides professional medical education, disseminates research and awards credentials to specialists who meet the strictest qualifications.

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