updated 25 / 04 / 2019

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Cuba Performs Dynamic Test prior to General Election

With the participation of about 200,000 electoral authorities, the dynamic test (mock elections) was held nation wide in Cuba, prior to the March 11 general election.

The National Electoral Commission (CEN) explained that the objective is to check the availability of material and human resources that will be involved in the election.

Mechanisms and structures to guarantee the success of the election were put into practice in the polling stations, which opened at 7 a.m. In addition, conditions were tested from the logistical viewpoint, CEN member Joselín Sanchez said.

According to the specialist, information support, data transmission, means of transportation and communication were alsochecked.

At the end of the dynamic test, the district and municipal electoral commissions should prepare a summary of the exercise containing the errors detected in relation to the material conditions or the processing of information, she noted.

Sanchez stressed that the training of 200,000 electoral authorities is an aspect that is receiving special attention, because it is a mass process and many of them are participating for the first time.

Changes occur from one electoral process to the other as part of its improvement, she said, adding that the training covers a wide range from the polling stations to the CEN and its members.

On March 11, Cubans will elect the lawmakers to the Parliament and the delegates to the provincial people's power assemblies.

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