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Following Habano Story: Everything Starts in the Countryside

For over 200 years, Habanos cigars are the only ones that are made entirely by hand, a story that begins in the fields.

The tobacco growing process Cuba has a long tradition accumulated over centuries and is part of the centuries-old culture of this island, highlighting specialists.

The work of the vegueros (a name given to the farmers who cultivate tobacco in Cuba) requires great knowledge, dedication, experience and ability to work under extreme conditions.

This is due to the long hours and multiple tasks to be performed on the plantations during the season previous to growing and in the post-harvest work in the tobacco house.

Subsequently, it is necessary to wait until the leaves are ready to be sent to the selection and destemmed process, culminating the initial drying process, fermentation and classification of leaves.

The selection and classification processes are so complex that only 50 percent of the harvested leaves are chosen to be used in Habano cigars, according to information disclosed during the 20th edition of the Habano Festival, which concluded.

The term Habanos is used for more than three centuries to identify the best cigars in the world. Since the 18th century, Cuban tobacco was considered the best in the world.

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