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Havana's Museum of Tobacco, an Exhibition of Traditions

Founded 25 years ago, the Museum of Tobacco, in Old Havana, is an educational facility for those interested in learning about the traditions and culture related to that aromatic leaf.

The anniversary coincides with the inauguration of the 20th Habano Festival, which is being attended by many people interested in appreciating its collections and meeting with experts to learn about the history of the world's best Premium cigar, the Havana cigar.

The institution is directed by Zoe Nocedo, who said that her museum is attached to the Office of the Historian of Havana (Eusebio Leal), which defends Cuba's industrial culture and other indispensable elements to know Cuba.

Located on Amargura St. between Mercaderes St. and San Ignacio St. (Old Havana), the Museum is a sign of a luxury product that attracts experts from tobacco markets all over the world.

Visitors comment that it is a place to dream, to remember and to keep that product always active from all its different angles. The museum, which is on the second floor of the building, hosts meetings, exhibitions, interviews, seminars and courses on Cuban tobacco.

It is visited by personages from all over the world, above all academics: historians, journalists and business people. There is a Casa del Habano on the ground floor.

The museum was inaugurated on February 26, 1993, and is housed in an 18th-century mansion that belonged to the Bartolomé Luque family.

That cultural center has three halls. The main hall exhibits paintings and furniture, as well as a tobacco press from the 19th century that belonged to the factory La Corona, the aboriginal image of a Zemi and wood sculptures used in the tobacco rituals, among other artifacts.

Among the most curious collections are archeological pipes found in the Bay of Matanzas, some 100 kilometers east of Havana, and a British pipe from the 17th century, found in the Palace of the Captain Generals, which is currently a museum, also in Old Havana.

Another important collection consists of lithographic stones, the first technique used to make the rings and illustrations for cigars, a mural on that subject and artifacts from the 1880s.

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