updated 22 / 07 / 2019

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Habano Cigar Festival Begins

The 20th edition of the Habano Cigar Festival is starting today in this capital with a meeting with specialized journalists and the traditional official opening ceremony in the evening.

The attention of the world tobacco sector is present in this meeting highlighted by the new features of the Cuban cigars, Habanos, considered the best on the planet due to the triple condition of best soil, weather and producers' experience.

The organizers are convinced of its success, and many of those who have already arrived in Havana to participate show equal optimism.

A press release says everything is ready for this meeting, to which about 1000 people from 50 countries usually attend every year. This is the major Premium or handmade cigar marketing meeting in the world, that of highest possible quality.

On occasion of its 20th Anniversary, attendees can enjoy visits to Havana plantations and factories, and the International Seminar, spokesmen state.

The Habanos World Challenge will take place for the first time in this event, which joins to the 17th edition of the Habanosommelier International Contest.

The event will be held from February 26 to March 2, at the Conference Center in this capital.

This Festival will begin today with the Welcome Night at El Protocol Hall in El Laguito, some few hours after a news conference on the Cuban tobacco industry.

The closing ceremony of the Festival or Gala Night will be held on March 2 at the Pabexpo fairgrounds, it will be dedicated to the Linea Maduro Partagas, a ceremony in which Cuban band Orishas will provide the music.

During this session, the 2017 Habanos Award will be delivered, and the Auction of Humidors, whose collection is always destined to the Cuban health system,will take place.

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