Cuba Protests Attempts of U.S.to Undermine its Sovereignty

Cuba protested before U.S. diplomatic authorities for attempts of that country to undermine the sovereignty of the Caribbean nation in its competence to regulate flows of information, according to a note published.

According to local media, this Wednesday the Cuban Ministry of Foreign Relations (Minrex) handed the charge d'affaires of the U.S. embassy in Havana, Lawrence Gumbiner, a note of protest for his government's pretension of violating in a flagrant way Cuba's sovereignty for the use of the media.

Also, the document sent to the State Department through the Cuban embassy in Washington, rejects the attempts of manipulating Internet to carry out illegal programs with political and subversion aims, as part of the U.S. actions destined to alter or change Cuba's constitutional order.

The protest has its motives in an announcement made by the State Department last January 23, in which it calls on a task forcé in Internet made up by officials of the U.S. government and representatives of non-government organizations with the declared objective of promoting in Cuba 'the free and non-regulated information flow'.

According to the announcement, this task forcé 'will examine the technological challenges and opportunities to expand access to Internet and the independent media' in the island.

The Minrex note demands again the U.S. government it ceases its subversive, interfering and illegal actions against Cuba, that attempt against Cuba's stability and constitutional order and demands respect for Cuban sovereignty, International Law and the purposes and principles of the United Nations Charter.

Also, the message of the Cuban Foreign Ministry repeats the determination of the Cuban Government to not tolerate any type of subversive or interfering activity in its domestic affairs and, as sovereign country, continue defending itself and denouncing the interfering nature of these actions.

'Cuba will continue regulating the flow of information as is its siovereign right and how it is practiced in all countries, including the United States. Cuba, also, will keep advancing in informatization of its society, as part of the country's development and as part of the social justice objectives that characterize its Revolution', ends the note.

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