updated 25 / 02 / 2020

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Díaz-Canel Reviews Tobacco Planting Campaign

Díaz-Canel reviewed the tobacco campaign in the western province/Photo:Otoniel Márquez

Díaz-Canel reviewed the tobacco campaign in the western province / Photo:Otoniel Márquez

The First Vice President of the Councils of State and Ministers, Miguel Díaz-Canel Bermúdez, reviewed progress being made in the tobacco planting campaign underway in the province of Artemisa.

The Cuban official was provided with information regarding the current situation and future prospects during his visit to the Lázaro Peña Tobacco Storage and Processing Enterprise.

According to Vladimir Andino, director general of the center, planting has taken place across 590 of the 645.3 hectares planned for this year. He also noted that 98% of last year’s yields were processed while the remaining quantities are being reprocessed to improve their quality.

Díaz-Canel, also a member of the Party Central Committee Political Bureau, inquired about the working conditions and wages of the workforce who make possible the social objectives of the enterprise. He likewise highlighted the importance of introducing more resistant and productive varieties of tobacco, work on which has been advancing.

Increasing yields per area and production of outer leaves to make exportable cigars; introducing technologies to increase productivity; and raising the economic results of the entity, its production base and wages, are some of the key aims outlined within the 2020 development plan.

The director also commented on the development of planted areas, production and the workforce over recent years. “The implementation of the training program and prioritizing the production base by undertaking maintenance works across worker facilities, are aspects we have taken into account,” stated Andino.

During his tour - accompanied by the province’s most senior authorities - Díaz-Canel visited an indoor tobacco farm and controlled treatment facility.

Beforehand, he received information regarding actions undertaken in the municipality of San Antonio de los Baños in honor of the 58th anniversary of the triumph of the Revolution and six years since the province was founded.

The Cuban official also visited the Ariguanabo recreational park, which recently opened its doors to the public, the site of diverse activities and facilities including an amphitheatre, which underwent a renovation process at the end of last year.

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