Fidel in Chile

“The presence of Fidel Castro in our Homeland is the encounter between two peoples, two peoples united by history, by their desire for justice, by the struggle, by authentic liberty”.
With those words Salvador Allende would bid farewell to Fidel after more tan 20 days of visit to Chile in 1971.

The leader of the Cuban Revolution had arrived in the austral nation on November 10. He would then tour the country to know details of different aspects of the social and economic life of that Chile led by the Popular Unity and Allende at the head.

Exchanges; meetings; encounters with students, farmers, workers, were part of the visit. As history tells, in those days Fidel wore ponchos, ate chirimoyas, drank pisco and played basketball. He was declared Illustrious Son of Punta Arenas and San Miguel, and talked in favor of unity and against sectarianism, left several recommendations to Chilean university students in regard to fight and vindication.

In Chile the CIA ordered two of its agents (false journalists) to shoot Fidel. They would aim, have him on target, but nobody would take the shot. It takes courage to pull the trigger. Fear crushed them. After all, it is known that behind it were the brains of terrorist Luis Posada Carriles, who worked for the Venezuelan secret police.

The right and fascism found in the Cuban leader a strong opponent, who without being reckless denounced the hidden dangers for the process initiated in the country in November 1970. He gave Allende a warning and left some suggestions.

Short time after life would prove Fidel right. So much power to the military was not a good thing, especially not that granted to the most conservative sectors of the army.

The coup led by General Augusto Pinochet would end the government of Popular Unity. Then it began an era of repression and authoritarianism that left a cruel mark in the society.
Fidel in Chile wanted to see the statute erected to Che Guevara in san Miguel and leave him a wreath there. It is said that people gathered to see the visitor, a guest that addressed them and left in them an impression that endures despite the passing of time.

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