updated 19 / 09 / 2018

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Cuba Reiterates in US that Strictly Meets Diplomatic Protection

Cuba reiterated its strict compliance with its obligations regarding the protection of diplomats at the sixth meeting of the Bilateral Commission with the United States held in this capital.

Regarding allegations of incidents that have affected US officials and their relatives in Havana, the island's delegation stated this Tuesday that it has never 'perpetrated or perpetrated actions of this nature, nor permitted or allowed its territory to be used by third parties with that purpose.'

During the dialogue, which was presided over by Josefina Vidal, director general of the United States of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Cuban representation emphasized that they have a great interest in clarifying this matter and concluding the investigation that is underway, for indication of the highest level of government.

For this, according to a note from the Cuban Embassy in Washington DC, the Caribbean nation considers the cooperation of the US authorities essential.

Tuesday's meeting, led by US Deputy Assistant Secretary for the Western Hemisphere John Creamer, was held following the announcement of the new US government policy toward Cuba issued by President Donald Trump June 16.

The Cuban delegation reiterated its rejection of a backlash in bilateral relations, and measures to intensify the blockade and interference in internal affairs, the note said.

It also rejected the rhetoric of confrontation and political manipulation of the human rights issue that was used as a pretext to justify those actions, as well as the requirements that seek to condition an improvement in bilateral ties to changes in our constitutional order.'

The representation of Havana also referred to the consequences of this change in the policy for the nexuses between both countries, including the affectations that cause to several sectors in the United States.

In reaffirming its willingness to continue a respectful dialogue with the US government, the Cuban representatives moved the readiness to implement the bilateral agreements signed in the last two years, the text said.

Likewise, they moved proposals for specific actions of several Cuban entities to advance cooperation in areas of mutual benefit such as environmental protection, law enforcement, health, agriculture, hydrography and geodesy, among others.

'Following the disrespectful, uninteresting and unacceptable statements made by President Donald Trump during his speech to the United Nations General Assembly held during the Bilateral Commission, the Cuban delegation expressed a strong protest,' the statement added.

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